In this time so many horrible things are happening in our World. From many we do not even know that they are happening and the ones we get to know about we do forget fast again, as long as we are not directly concerned… 


Sure we think how horrible, but it seems so far away and we feel like "how i myself could change something about it, difficult…" but together we can change and help so much! 

And it is easy, if everyone is sharing only a little bit of what he or she is having, this world would become a much better place for all!


Receiving help when it is really needed is giving back hope and makes happy but giving hope and sharing with the ones in need makes even more happy =)

so please! let us make this world of Contrast more equal, let us forget the boundries between Religions and Countries, which we created ourselves and let us help the ones of us who are in need!


All are mostly welcome to join, give and help however he or she can and likes.