Jivanpur Village is 40 Kilometers from Kathmandu, the Capital of Nepal. 52 Families are living there, all of them are farmers. The Earthquake in April 2015 destroyed their whole Village and they lost the little they had before. You can not find one family who did not lost one of their dear ones. Many People died and still there are injured ones! We could not find one good and undestroyed house in the hole Village. Now the villagers are living in small plastic covered shelter houses. They were hoping for support from Government but because of some corrupted goverment officers they did not get the help till now and almost one Year and a cold winter passed.


Bishow: If you would see what we saw there I am sure you have to cry, like me - I can not take it in words. The Situation in the Village is very sad. No Lights, not enough good Nutrition especially for children. The Children can not go to school because the Families can not afford to buy them the mendatory school dresses and books and stationary. I talked to a small girl her name is Anuja. She is just 5 years old and she lost both her parents and her home in the Earthquake. Now she is all alone, my heartly wish is to build a small house for her and to make sure that she gets enough food and a good education.


This is the truth about the village, there is so much help needed, I myself like to give all for this people, but I do not have the money which is needed. My wish is to help and serve and to giving back this poor people their hope! I myself can not do much alone so my heartly request to all of you is please please please help and donate for these poor peoples and childrens your small help can make the bright future for them!

Under the Category how to help you can find a list of the things which are mostly needed. 


Thank you very much from all my heart for whatever you can give to realize this project!