Bishow and Raj spend some days in Jivanpur to speak with the Villagers and they arranged a meeting with all people living there to find out what is mostly needed. Together with the other members of the DevaSeva Team we all were thinking about what we can do for Jivanpur. We came to the conclusion that in the moment a donation for all families with the most basic things like some good food (1 bag of rice, 1 bottle of oil and spices)   and warm blankets will help them a lot.

But we have to think further, how will this Village be able to recover and look into a bright future?

The children are the future! Every child should get the opportunity to have a good education and make something great out of her or his life! So we like to support the Jivanpur-children and bring them back to school as soon as possible. For that they need school uniforms (pants, jacket, shoes), school bags and each one a stationary set (box with pens and a some books).


Below we listed the things which we like to give for each of the 52 families and for all of the 84 children.


that we can give to all 52 families:

1 Foodpackage (including 1 bag rice, oil, spices) we will need 52 * 20$ = 1020$

2 warm blankets we will need 52 * 30$ = 1560$


that we can support all 84 children with:

1 set of clothes (including schooldress, shoes pant jacket) we will need 84 * 20$ = 1680$

1 schoolbag we we will need 84 * 5$ = 420$

1 stationary set (including, box with pens and a some books) we will need 84 * 5$ = 420$


all together it makes 1020+1560+1680+420+420 = 5100$ 


Whatever we can get we will share it equally between all the families and children.    


We thank you very much for whatever you can give. 


The Jivanpur Villagers & your DevaSeva Team





Also we would like to collect clothes and toys and whatever you have and do not need anymore for sending a big surprise-parcel with all your donations directly to Jivanpur in Nepal. 


Please contact us, we looking forward to hear from you!