Swami Sivananda was born on 8. Sept. 1887 with the name Kuppuswami in Paddamalai South India. From small Child onwards Kuppuswami had the big longing to help the ones in need. He stole his family members clothes and gave it to the Sadhus.  He was very clever and completed his studies in medicine very successfully. He also startet to publish a Healthjournal. One Day he went to Malaysia to serve the India labors, which were working on the Rubberplantations there. But even that he felt was not enough charity work.  After treating a sick Sadhu he got a book about the Gitas from him. That was the beginning of his spiritual studies. He decided to go back to India, left all his belongings at a friends place and started the life of a wandering monk. After one year he settled in Rishikesh where he practiced strict Sadhana for the next seven years. During that time already he opened a small clinic to serve the sick. 

More and more disciples followed him and in 1932 he founded the Sivananda Ashram in Rishikesh. Soon later people from all across India travelled to his Ashram to meet him in person and get his blessings. In 1936 the Divine Life Society was born. 

1948 he opened the Yoga Vedanta Forest Academy to share the knowledge of Yoga and Vedanta and to train teachers. Swami Vishnudevananda was becoming the first Professor for Hatha Yoga there. Afterwards Gurudev sent him to the West to share and train there also. 

Swami Sivananda has written over two hundred books, a invaluable legacy for the future. Every answer you are searching for you will find in one of his books. 

He entred into Mahasamadhi (left his body) on 14. Juli 1964. 


Swami Sivananda is a great role model for the self- and tireless service of humanity and spreading pure love. 


Om namo bhagavate Sivanandaya!