Hello Everyone!

My name is Eliane I am Swiss and 26 years old. I am studying Development Studies in Geneva, Switzerland. At the Moment i am writing the final Exams for my master degree. I spent the last semester for exchange in Singapore, which gave me the opportunity to meet so many inspiring people as well as to discover Asia. I totally fell in love with this continent, where there is so much to see, discover and explore.


When my Cousine Jasmin came back from Nepal, she told me about her great experiences but also about the situation in many villages, in which people are still suffering from the consequences of the earthquake. The idea to start raising funds came to our minds very quickly and we decided to first concentrate on the village Jivanpur, which is located approximately 40 km from Kathmandu.


Our fundraising concept is very special: our friend Bishow has compiled a list of all the basic goods the inhabitants of Jivanpur need most urgently. Your role is to just choose in the list how you would like to help. You will see that your contribution, whatever the amount, will have a great impact, much more than you can imagine! We offer you total transparency - everything you give will directly benefit the people in Jivanpur.


I strongly believe that each of us can make a difference and we all together can change the life of the people in Jivanpur and hopefully beyond. If you have any question or suggestion, please do not hesitate to contact us.