I was born on the 7th of April 1992 in Switzerland, during my childhood we lived in a small village called Wald in the Zürcher Oberland. With 19  when I have just completed my commercial Apprenticeship at a public notary’s office in Zurich, I saw an advertisement for a worldwide exchange program. Spontaneously, I signed up to help in a social project in India for some weeks. One day later, I quit my office job. From the first moment I arrived in India I have fallen in Love with that country. The weeks I spend with volunteer work in a home for disabled and old people changed my life. I learned that small things done with love can make big changes and that we should be grateful for what we have and not be longing for what we do not have.


Already before leaving for India I got my contract to work as an air hostess for Swiss International Airlines, which was my big dream for many years. But after India I could not see a sense in that profession anymore. In every holiday again it pulled me  back to India, where I visited temples and joined different Yoga courses. After one year of working in the airplane and exploring the world, I decided to study Social Work at the University of Applied Sciences in Lucerne. Before starting my studies in summer 2013 again, I left for India and visited Sivananda Neyyar Dam Ashram. I learned a lot more about Yoga in the beautiful days I spend in the Ashram and started to practice more regularly. Next to University I worked full-time and I did not want to see that it just was too much, so I was very exhausted when the first year finally was over and I left for a trip around the world with my best friend Maryam. 


So many nice places and different countries we visited, but most of all I was looking forward to go back to India. Again, I stayed for some weeks in the Neyyar Dam Ashram and I remember when it was time to leave, I did not wish something more than to stay. But at home my family, my friends, my Job, my studies and my flat were waiting for me, so I went back to Zurich. As soon as I arrived I started to feel very ill. The symptoms were changing every day and no doctor could find any reason for it. I myself also was believing that I catched a dangerous virus from Asia and felt deeply depressed with my life. I could not go to work or University. It took some time till i started to listen to my heart and some more time to make a big decision: I left everything in Switzerland and returned to India. After only a few days in the Sivananda Yoga Ashram all my physical troubles just disappeared and Istarted to feel happy again. I joined the Teacher’s Training Course in November 2014 which was a life changing experience. 


Afterwards I got the chance to learn and teach Yoga for almost one Year in one of the Sivananda Yoga Centres. During that time I could learn so much about Yoga and Vedanta and the Indian culture. I visited Swami Sivanandas Divine Life Society in Rishikesh and did a Pilgrimage in the Indian Himalayas.  My journey continued south till Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka's Hillstation Candy, I joined a Vipassana Meditation Center where I learned a lot about Buddha’s Teachings and Meditation. Afterwards I travelled around Sri Lanka and trough India all up India’s east-coast till Kolkata, where i volunteered at Mother Teresa's charity works. 


Because of visa issues I went to Nepal, where I met wonderful Yogis. I was deeply impressed how the Nepalese handle the situation after the earthquake and how hospitable they are.  My good good Friend Raj was doing wonderful charitywork! He showed me some of the over 70 shelterhouses they had already built for the ones who lost their houses because of the earthquake. 


We were thinking how beautiful it could be to earn money with doing something good for society like teaching Yoga and use that money again for doing good like helping the ones in need. So the plan for our charity projects in Nepal started to grow and i am very happy that we already could do one Project in 2016 and hope that many will follow. 

With starting DevaSeva Yogacenter here in Zurich, my dream became true and i am very happy that i can share what i learn in India with my Students here. 


my heartly thanks to the below mentioned wonderful souls and to everyone who is supporting and helping  DevaSeva!





Thank you!






GURUDEV Sri Swami Sivanadaji this all is yours

Mother Teresa for inspiring to start with Charity work

Yashpal Singh Rawat, my Guruji for teaching me so much and all his support

Mataji Sarvamangalananda and Nani-Ma who are Role Models to me


Mr. Cody Gilbert, who made me search for God and the good

Maryam Mansoor for all her tireless Help

Levia Stauber for instructing me how to create a Homepage

my Family and Friends for supporting me in whatever i do