Discovering new Places and Cultures is discovering yourself and opening the Mind. If you visit a Country for the first time it can be quite challenging, without knowledge of the local language, prices and not knowing anyone there. The Asian and Western Culture are so different and first it is not so easy to get used to the climate,  the local food and the especially to adapt to the cultural rules and habits. For me it was always wonderful to travel to new places and new countries but still it is so exhausting always to look where to sleep, what to eat, how to travel and if you are safe. Also I did xperienced a Place completely different when I went again there but with local friends, then when I first  went alone. 


If you are with locals you become part of that culture of that place of that country.  We are very happy to have a multinational Team and good Friends all over. There were so many breathtaking moments where we just felt that we would love to share with everyone! During a Pilgrimage in the Himalayas Adriana and Jasmin were one of the only foreigners and that is to bad, because it is one of the most beautiful things we ever did and saw.  Sharing this with friends the idea to build groups and visit this places all together startet to grow. Our Team Members and friends like to share their culture and country and also love to meet new people.


As example when we could find a group in Switzerland for a Yatra (Journey) to Northindia, Maryam and Jasmin would exactly know what could be challenging for our Swiss Groupmembers, because we experienced it by ourselves and so we can arrange accordingly with our local friends.  Our Indian Friends they know all the best places, rules and like to invite us to their homes and show us their culture. A unique chance for exchange and having a great unforgettable time with same minded new friends. 


We will organize everything for you: 

getting the right Visa, Flight to the Country, Transportation, Accommodation, Food, Activities so that you can completely relax and come back home reenergized with the Heart full of wonderful memories. 


In these days wer are working on the exact programs and dates,  please see the pictures and activities which are already there. 


Wer are looking forward to you all!


Your DevaSeva Yatra Team 



Adriana and Jasmin during their visit of holy Puri in Orissa, East India