Discovering new Places and Cultures is discovering yourself and opening the Mind.

If you visit a country for the first time it can be quite challenging, without knowledge of the local language, prices and not knowing anyone there.

The Asian and Western Culture are very different and first it is not so easy to get used to the climate,  the local food and the especially to adapt to the cultural rules and habits. For me it is wonderful to travel to new places and countries, but still it is quite exhausting to always search for where to sleep safely, what to eat and how to travel, especially if you like to see many different things and having limited time for your Journey. 

Going trough the above mentioned points myself, the idea to built groups with same minded people and organizing the Trips together with my local Yogifriends startet to grow. 

Now I am most happy to invite you to our first DevaSeva Yatra in May/June 2018 to Northindia!

please contact me for further information and if you like to get the detailed Programm


with Om & Love

Jasmin (Prema)